The BSR Minecraft vision cannot become a reality without cooperation with local, private, national and cross-border partners in the Baltic Sea Region.

Join schools, cultural institutions, NGOs, urban planners, municipal, tourist offices and Minecraft users to create a gaming project that innovates learning, co-creation and intercultural connections. Become a part of our institutional network.

Why use Minecraft for education and learning?

Minecraft can be used for many different purposes. The game is a great tool for education and experience-based learning, enabling children and young people to learn about the environment and the cultural heritage and diversity of the Baltic Sea Region while having fun. By engaging with Minecraft through the game’s ‘creative mode’ the player is invited to unfold creativity in collaboration with other players. Furthermore, Minecraft offers to connect different parts of communities and thereby to address diversity, common history and challenges of tomorrow throughout the Baltic Sea Region. Therefore we envision this project to involve beneficial collaborations with schools and other institutions engaged in innovation and learning.

Why use Minecraft for culture and sustainability?

Minecraft is also great for purposes like civic engagement, sustainable urban development and city planning. The game gives people a tool for visualising how their ideas could help change and develop their city or country in the future. Using BSR Minecraft, city planners can involve citizens in current challenges, proposals and actual developments of the city to co-create, visualise and come up with solutions via Minecraft modelling. BSR Minecraft is also a great tool for promoting tourism. A virtual cultural map can highlight cultural heritage and attractions promoting tourist visits to the city or country.

How to create the BSR in Minecraft?

By importing geolocated data on cities and regions it is possible to “model” the real Baltic Sea Region as a virtual reality world. In 2014 and 2015, three projects in Denmark, Norway and Sweden recreated their entire country in Minecraft with great success and interest. Now we want to expand this to all of the countries around the Baltic Sea.

If you are interested in getting to know more about the vision of BSR Minecraft or want to be a part of the network, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us!