Through a series of pilot projects, different ideas will be tested and developed. The hope is that these pilot projects will lead to making the BSR Minecraft Cultural Gaming world a reality.


We know there is a lot of local Minecraft programs addressing community development and exploring the environment and cultural heritage etc. in the Baltic Sea Region. If you are engaged in one of these, or have any interest in developing Minecraft please do not hesitate to contact us, as we are always interested in connecting with others working in the field or on related projects.

Cultural Gaming

In this pilot study the aim is to use cultural gaming for youth to learn, co-create, and connect through the development of their communities and the Baltic Sea Region. Cultural Gaming is a way to use game-based learning and interaction to support cultural objectives such as inclusion and sustainable development.

The specific objectives are:

1) Develop and test a small cross-national technical prototype based on Minecraft (Communities in Sweden-Latvia).

2) To strengthen and expand a BSR network on the approach.

Implementation from June 2017 until 2018. A collaboration between Skövde University (Swe), Vidzemes University (Lat), Tallinn University (Est), Jurmala Municipality (Lat), the Interdisciplinary Urban Platform (Lit), Nordic Council of Ministers, the Danish Cultural Institute and UN Habitat.

Learning and Education

This pilot project is a  school project linking Gdansk and Hedmark using Minecraft to innovate learning and cross-cultural education and to engage youth in cultural community planning. The goal is for this pilot project to contribute to developing the main Interreg BSR project.