The vision of BSR Minecraft is to create a cultural gaming virtual reality model in Minecraft of the entire Baltic Sea Region (BSR) enabling children, youth, citizens and professionals to experience and learn about the environment, social and cultural heritage and diversity of the BSR. By building models of houses, communities, cities, landscapes and underwater worlds, users of BSR Minecraft can engage creatively in co-creating a sustainable and better world in their region around the Baltic Sea.

Through Minecraft gaming and related activities, people are able to connect locally and across the Baltic Sea Region and build relations and trust across borders – and have fun while doing it The central purpose is learning through co-creation and connecting.

Our vision is to build the world’s largest Minecraft world of its kind – a model including the countries of Denmark, Sweden, Finland, Germany, Estonia, Lithuania, Latvia, NW Russia, Poland and Norway.

A non-profit organization

Currently this project involves a network of partners cooperating non-profit across borders in the Baltic Sea Region to realize our goal. In the near future, we envision that our network will come together and form an actual organization, and ultimately a non-for-profit association, to enable the joint planning and future management of the endeavor.

Come join us – get involved and have a say in shaping the project with your ideas.